Founder Christopher Tarczali started America Hustle in 2013, but long before this at the age of 16 started his passion for art through tattoo from home as the tender age of 16. By the age of 19, Chris has started his own clothing line “Tarczali Gear “ were Dj Tosh from 103.5 had printed his first shirt.

Through the years of wanting to expand a clothing line and times being hard Chris found a way to express the love of art still and the passion to share it through tattooing. Hustling through vast popping and upcoming shops for 20 plus years he expressed through tattooing but yet didn’t satisfy the want and desire to expanding with art to a clothing line. While juggling the tattoo world of art he started to do acrylic (One off Shirt) hand custom shirts in front naming it Empire Threads.

2013 found an opportunity to become a co –owner of 1806 Art Gallery located 1806 Del Paso Blvd in Sacramento. Thus he continued to want to grow and express in more depth the love of individual art and the growth of success. Hardship, location and the economy hit hard with several business one being 1806 Art Gallery and the doors were shut.

Chris then returning to tattoo where he met Chris Loftin in which had already has an established clothing line and also owner of a tattoo shop. He inspired me to this day to start my adventure to open my own shop.

In 2012, I met with Carlos Lopez who also owned his own clothing line Xstreme since 1997. An artist that co-owned a print shop downtown, also with his love and passion for music, art and clothing he shared the same vision of wanting to expand outside of the shop where he was then because rather than gearing for a more corporation feel both Carlos and Chris shared the idea of opening what we love to see and that is the local downtown Sacramento window store front tourist style were you can watch the epic styles of hand crafted shirts in the window front and being able to walk in the shop and shop the vast growing clothing lines of America Hustle, Xstreme and other local brands but not limited to Beef Clothing, Shirts 4 Freedom, Immigrant Village, and Brand name which is a collaboration of America Hustle and Xstreme clothing lines. 

Diversecity Gallery established in early 2014, located on 913 K Street would like to establish a sound business structure with hands on education with local other upcoming artist and local clothing brands. Our goal is protect the class of art with individuals and help promote growth in the community.

We would now like our company structure to match that quality in all aspects that we visioned in the beginning of our business operations.